• Helping people living with mental illnesses gain employment
  • Training and consulting on IPS program implementation
  • Researching and disseminating information about the evidence-based approach

Caren's Experience

"Unemployment is like a sinkhole and it is hard to get out of it on your own. My employment specialist was my link back to the world—I hadn't worked for 17 years. Now I'm working in retail and I am going to be a full-time starting on Monday!"

Many people living with mental illness want to work.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an employment service that helps more people with mental illness obtain employment than any other type of vocational program. The Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center conducts research

studies, disseminates findings, and delivers training and consultation services. This website provides information about IPS supported employment for consumers, families, mental health professionals and program administrators.

What's New / Upcoming Events

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If you have a question about IPS supported employment, go to FAQS in the top menu bar and submit your question on that page.

Registration for the January online course for IPS practitioners is available now through December 18 at  https://www.regonline.com/IPSPractitionerJanuary2016