Should I Repair Aircon or Buy New? When Does It Need Overhauling?

A little repair might be all your aircon needs and it’s back to its full performance, giving you a good cooling system for your home however not all scenario are the same.Sometimes you can end up spending more on repair than when you buy new AC unit.

Here’s are some information you need to know if your AC needs repair or you need to buy new:

1. You feel humidity even you switched your air conditioning unit on or less air flow from your AC and you don’t know where the defect or you do not have enough information.

2. If you notice uneven distribution of coldness in your house. Some areas like in the kitchen is too cold while some areas in your house seems like you don’t turn on your aircon. Your aircon may have thermostat issue that a service technician can fix.

3. Unusual smell and noise from your AC or you notice leakage. Make sure to send it for a repair as it can be hazardous to you and your family’s health.

But other times it is unwise to have your aircon repair if problem keeps coming back since it has other underlying issues that need to address too. On deciding whether it is good to buy new here are some factors you may need to consider:

1. Is my aircon unit too old to have it repair? The same as human being machine too retires when we reached our aged stage because we are less useful and less productive. Aircon unit too are less efficient when it is old plus you have the expenses charged by an air conditioning repair company. If it has little difference when you buy new unit of aircon then get yourself a new one.

2. The latest air conditioning unit in the market is more energy efficient so check out your electricity bill. Does your AC consumes more electricity? Usually an aircon unit have high rate of energy efficiency up until it aged ten years so more than that it is better to replace it.

3. Is the defect of your air conditioning unit is in its freon or the R-22 refrigerant? If so, then it is really a high time to purchase for new aircon unit since the service fee and the cost of putting new freon is almost likely the same if not more expensive when you buy new unit.

While determining whether to have your aircon unit repair or buy new is quite a tough decision, be cautious too for those people who tries to convince you to just repair it and in time you would regret since getting a new one is far more beneficial to you. Be alert for those service technician too that might replace some parts of your AC without doing some calculation as this might end giving you more trouble. In the end, whether you replace or repair your aircon unit don’t skip gathering informative data before having your decision.

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Singapore’s Best Aircon Servicing

Your air conditioner has to be serviced on a regular schedule. This servicing makes your air run better and more efficiently which allows your aircon to last longer and save you money. Do not wait until the weather gets so hot that everyone is asking Singapore’s aircon services for help. Find the best aircon servicing now.

The best companies will handle maintenance, servicing, repairs, and installations. Ask about routine maintenance services so you can keep your air conditioner in great shape all year long.  Good aircon services have the right tools and skills to figure out what is wrong whenever a particular air conditioner has a problem. AS aircon servicing Singapore have all of these services. Call them and they will come right away to fix things and get your system back to running well.

Some of the services that they can do include chemical washes. These are special washes that clean an air conditioner of allergens, bacteria and more. They leave your system pumping fresh and clean air into your home.

If your air stops working correctly sometimes it is not as big a problem as it might seem. Call your Singapore aircon service for help. They may only need to top off your system with gas to get it back to running properly.

Put your system on a twice-a-year maintenance schedule. Your aircon service will come twice each year to clean the air conditioner, vacuum its coils, replace its filters and more. This keeps your air conditioner from breaking down unexpectedly. The technicians can spot any problems early and fix them before they become costly repairs or replacements.

When an air conditioner does break down, or if it needs any replacement parts, your aircon service in Singapore is there to help. If there is nothing more that can be done, they can help you find a new unit. This will be from one of the top makers of air conditioners like Fujitsu, LG or Panasonic. The model you choose will fit your budget and your service technicians will install it properly the first time so that you can go back to enjoying cool, fresh comfortable air.

Now is the time to call your service for maintenance before there is a rush on services during a heat wave. Get your system fixed right, if it needs a repair, from a trusted company that has been serving many people and businesses in Singapore for years.

Your air conditioner provides your home the comfort it needs. Everyone will breathe easier when it is running smoothly and when it is providing clean, fresh air. Rely on the best aircon services in Singapore now for maintenance, repairs, and installations. They can help with a variety of different air con services from split systems to wall encasement units and much more.

Contact your air con service now from AS aircon servicing at Block 515 #01-207, Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460515 for an appointment (+65-8291 3266). Your system will last longer and run better when it is taken care of regularly by the professionals who care about air conditioning and want to provide customers with quality service.