A Little History of Darthmouth

Welcome to Darthmouth IPS. Here are some of our story.

The Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and trainers who conduct research studies, disseminate findings, prepare training and educational materials, and provide training and consultation services.  The focus of the Center’s activities is employment for people with serious mental illnesses.  The Center’s team has defined the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) approach to supported employment.  Twenty-three controlled studies from different investigators in different countries show that IPS is an evidence-based practice for helping people with serious mental illness who want to work.  In addition to overseeing the IPS learning community, which includes 19 states and 3 European countries, the Center provides technical assistance and training to countries, states, regions, and agencies, upon request.  Within Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center, the Dartmouth IPS Center partners with researchers from the Center for Supported Employment Technology (CSET).  CSET researchers are developing technology tools to enhance delivery of IPS supported employment.

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