Mind-blowing benefits of Ventilation together with Air Condition

Ventilation is a process in which air inside a room that has an odor, smoke, heat, carbon dioxide, and other elements will be filtered and got replaced by a high-quality air, a more
healthy one. It is somehow a circulation of air from outdoor to indoor and from indoor to
outdoor. Although there is an air conditioner that is most-likely ventilating. But most of us
believe that air conditioning is enough, but no, that is not true because air conditioner can
remove odor and some airborne bacteria, the only thing is that, we can’t assure how many
percents of it has removed.

That is why we often ask, why do we need to ventilate our rooms even though it has an air

First, let us know the type of ventilation for better understanding. There are five different type
of ventilation including;

Natural ventilation system – When your house has its door and window open, and you let the
air in and out of the room, it is so-called natural ventilation. in the house that hasn’t get out
might be contaminated already. Natural ventilation is not the best ventilation since it is

Exhaust ventilation system – It is removing the air pressure in the room using an exhaust fan.
The exhaust fan is used to remove harmful odors and heat in the area. It is an electronic device
that is needed to plug into an electrical outlet. It pulled the air out of the room and got replaced by air that entered the room through some leakage. Usually, it is installed in the bathroom, but there are some that install it in the bedroom.

Supply ventilation system – Is the opposite of the exhaust ventilation system. The fan let the air go through the room and filtered the air entered.

Balanced ventilation system – It is a system that has two fans installed in the house with a duct
system. It penetrates room that has pollution and moisture, most of it is in the bathroom and

Energy recovery system – It is the system in which you can save energy even when ventilating.

Now that we know what is ventilation, we can get a response to the question, why do we need
to ventilate our rooms even though it has an air conditioner?

We need to ventilate first since there is an air stagnation in the room. Air stagnation is a process in which air stays in the area for a longer period. We can’t install an air conditioner if
the room isn’t enclosed that is why we need to ventilate so that the air from an air-conditioned
room will be replaced by an atmosphere that isn’t polluted and has a filtered air. Hence,
ventilation is indispensable to your health to avoid getting sick. Good health is an essential
thing in the world that even wealthy people might can’t afford sometimes, so take good care of
your health and start it today.